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Where can I buy BONKERS?

See below for our list of BONKERS whiffy good snacky snacks suppliers or check out our store locator here.

United Kingdom: Sainsbury's
United States: Walmart
Netherlands: Albert Heijn
New Zealand: Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)

What is the shelf life of BONKERS treats?

All BONKERS snacky snacks have a shelf life of 18 months from production, so there’s plenty of time to get weird with your furry pals.

Where are your products made?

BONKERS Bites: Spain
BONKERS Zoomers: Spain
BONKERS Purrpops: China
BONKERS Mixx: Thailand

Are BONKERS treats vet certified?

BONKERS snacky snacks are carefully formulated by leading animal nutritionists, who really know their stuff when it comes to all things nutrition and snacky snacks.

Can BONKERS snacky snacks be used for training?
What ingredients are in BONKERS treats?

Lots of yums, for a start. The full ingredient list for each product can be found on individual product pages on our website, see cat or dog. You can also find them listed on our packaging.

Are there artificial flavours and preservatives in BONKERS treats?

No way! Our snacky snacks are made with absolutely no artificial flavours or preservatives. We’re good like that.

How many treats per day should I feed my cat or dog?

Your pet will probably be telling you one thing… but you can find recommended feeding guidelines listed on website product pages and our packaging. We also encourage you to consult with your pet’s veterinarian if you are unsure!

Are BONKERS snacky snacks healthy?

Both our cat and dog treats have been made to be a healthy, low calorie treat. Our cat snacky snacks are less than 2 calories per snack, and our dog snacky snacks are less than 5 calories per snack. Yee-haw!

Err, so my pet is going BONKERS just looking at the bag. What do I do now?

Ooh, it sounds like you’ve unlocked the BONKERS! Pets revealing all their weird and wonderful traits to get a load of BONKERS is why we do what we do. We suggest you join in the fun (they love that!) or alternatively, make some TikToks and share that little cutie with the world.